Business Valuation
Business Valuation, Assessing Business Worth

Need to assess if your business is going forward or not?

It is important to have an official comparison between the price you paid for your business and the current value of it.  Once you have your valuation, you can then work on a profit improvement plan.

We are Business Valuation experts and can provide an APES 225 compliant valuation at a pre-agreed fixed cost

How you benefit from having an expert Advisor complete your Business Valuation:

As a business owner, you need to have a valuation of my business done because:

  • You are looking at having a new business partner; Value the business properly to avoid future conflict (same if a partner exits the business)
  • You need to insure your business for what it is really worth – surely you don’t want to overpay on insurance
  • You are divorcing and need to know how much each partner should get from the business
  • You need to assess if you are going forward or not; Compare the price you paid for your business and the current value of it today
  • You need to prepare an exit plan and make sure that you can retire or move on with sufficient resources; Find out how much work actually needs to be completed before you reach your goal/desired sell price
  • You don’t want to sell your business for less than it is really worth
  • You are just curious after all!

You could do the valuation yourself, but:

  • There are many different valuation methodologies; Unfortunately you aren’t necessarily going to know which one is the most appropriate for your industry or business type
  • You are not a financial analyst or business valuer; You aren’t necessarily going to know what the proper calculation steps are and you might not have the experience required
  • Your opinion of your business can be very subjective
  • You can’t go to court with your own valuation as it does not follow APES 225(Australian Accounting Standards); And you will have no validity in front of a Court of Law
  • You could face legal action at some point; If you sell/buy to/from somebody and the person finds out the valuation was not a proper one (business partner, divorce, new buyer or former business owner)
  • You could overpay for insurance yearly if the calculations are not properly done
  • The price to pay versus the benefits it brings is definitely worth it!

What our clients are saying

ROCG’s professionalism, expertise and quick turnaround time allowed us to move forward with negotiations that were key to our business moving forward.

I found the Business Valuation and the Information Memorandum they provided very well detailed and clearly explained. Their work on key planning documents has also been invaluable in helping better understand our business.

Our experience with ROCG has always been very positive. We will continue to use ROCG’s services for our future needs.

– Gary Chamberlain, Company Secretary – MTS

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