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Business Overview

Doctor Home Visits is a service provided by The Western Australian Deputising Medical Service (WADMS) and exists solely to offer patients home medical care both in-hours and after-hours on behalf of their own GP.

The Western Australian Deputising Medical Service Inc. (WADMS) was born after recognising a need in the community, supplying quality care by experienced doctors in the comfort of a patient’s home. It was formed in 1977 as an incorporated, non-profit association dedicated to assisting residents of Perth in times of need.

The business operates to this day as a cooperative of doctors working for doctors and whilst still retaining the WADMS name, also trades as Doctor Home Visits.


Project Overview

Doctor Home Visits found themselves facing a challenging situation at the end of 2015 with the arrival of many new competitors on the Perth market.

ROCG’s Consulting’s Role: ROCG Business Consultants were engaged to work with our business and adapt to the changing market conditions while maintaining our level of care and high-quality services to our GP Practices and patients in Perth.

The ROCG approach included: mapping a more efficient business model for after-hours medical care services, creating a more robust value-analysis customer team, developing and implementing quality-improvement systems & metrics to ensure sustainability.

Additionally, ROCG consultants drafted valuable documents and reports that assisted us greatly to develop Doctor Home Visits: a valuable Business Plan, Forecasts, HR documents, Pricing Structure, and more were created.

We also had the opportunity to attend one of their marketing workshops where we learned how to step back from the daily activities and learn how to define our Marketing strategies using a Marketing Plan Template provided by ROCG.

Once our existing processes were reviewed, ROCG helped us move to system-wide best practice for rostering management and accounting activities (ROCG Consultant – Beau Raymond, managed the migration from an old-fashioned accounting system to a modern one that suits our needs).

On top of those valuable projects, ROCG Consultants – Mathieu Paul & Emma Choulet – attend and conduct our monthly Board Meetings: they monitor our performance, help us make strategic decisions, find solutions, develop our activities, and much more.

Engagement with Insight

Doctor Home Visits was successful in achieving these key improvements: greater transparency, higher efficiencies, a robust and structured Board, dynamic systems used to run daily activities and sustain the gains made.

ROCG is definitely a valuable part of Doctor Home Visits performance – Mathieu and Emma are both dedicated to ensuring that they understand our business and work together with our team to implement a new working model, ensuring our long term sustainability. Working with Mathieu and Emma has been extremely beneficial they are both talented individuals who have shared knowledge and supported our team through times of change

– Trudy Mailey and Tanya Steele