Whipper Snapper Distillery
Whipper Snapper Distillery

Business Overview

The company is a Perth-based start-up specializing in premium whiskey manufacture and the first dedicated bourbon style whiskey distillery in Australia.

Their brand values are: 

Unique – Australian identity & spirit.
Modern, Youthful & Innovative – brand image to compliment the distillery products.
Passionate – for the distillery products we offer and for all our customers. 

From a story of friendship and whiskey, the distillery in East Perth brings together a team of passionate whiskey lovers that are excited to share their journey with everyone around them.

The Company’s aim is to produce a range of ultra-premium whiskey products which will be sold in the premium and super premium price ranges and be widely known and accredited as one of the best whiskey producers in the world.

The Company has an experienced management team that can sail the ship through stormy waters and turn things around before an iceberg strikes. They have strong growth opportunities to look forward to and plenty of ways to improve their business along the way.

Whipper Snapper Distillery

Project Overview

Insight Consulting Partners assisted the business in 2013 in the early stages of its foundation. This enabled them to introduce their start-up and their adventure and business plan to investors.

They were able to secure the initial investment required for them to set up operations in East Perth including the initial purchase of equipment among other things.

Insight Consulting Partners helped the company define what their working capital requirements were based on different scenarios, and, through the drafting of 3-way forecasts over the next 5 years– Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, they have a clear picture of where the business is headed and the confidence to know they can achieve these goals.

It has also helped the management team to understand the main cash flow requirements – ageing (2 years maturation period where no sales are being made…) & equipment purchase and so on.

The aim with Whipper Snapper Whiskey is to primarily make an American style whiskey and over time increase single malt production from small quantities progressively to ensure they have sufficient operational reserves. They will also be making small amounts of white spirits (generally un-aged whiskies) and be selling retail products to generate short-term cash flow. This is the model that is used at many distilleries including Colorado Gold and they believe they have a proven recipe for distillery business success.

To achieve this development plan, the company is seeking funding for the principal purpose of developing the Whipper Snapper Distillery. Investment funds will enable the purchase of equipment to expand production and raw materials, production of its spirit range, brand development and marketing.

Mathieu and his team at Insight Consulting Partners have prepared 3-way forecasts enabling us to have a true measure of our margins by distribution channel (per month) as well as predict our cash flow requirements for the coming years. We will be able to review our production, costs and organisational structure based on the analysis of those. We will also use this model to generate different scenarios and go to our bank to fund our growth.

Engagement with Insight

Whipper Snapper engaged Insight Consulting Partners in July 2016.

Insight Consulting Partners’ business expertise and methodologies are unparalleled.

Insight Consulting Partners methodology was structured and comprehensive ensuring that all appropriate elements required for a successful Financial Forecasting were considered and effectively executed. At the same time, Insight Consulting Partners’ approach was flexible enough to take into account the specific characteristics of our business so that activities could be adjusted where needed to optimise examining the appropriate financial structure. While preparing the Financial Forecasts, Mathieu displayed a high level of professionalism and attention to detail and it was critical in delivering a highly valuable report.

We likely could not have successfully captured the most accurate financial forecasting for our company without the help of Insight Consulting Partners.