I wish to commend Emma.

As you know she has been working with me to develop a webpage which should go live tomorrow. I have already seen the near finished article in the Wix development page and I am delighted.

Emma as a great skillset of marketing prowess and good IT skills and a good business head.

Coupled with the above she is hard working, intelligent and a great communicator – is spite of the fact that English is her second language – and a very bubble nice person to be around.

She is a great asset to ROCG and long may she be on your team. You have a great bunch of people around you.

I have chosen to say this because I am towards the end of my career and I observe that too seldom do employers/employees get any feedback on not only a job well done but also on the great capability of a staff member.

I look forward to working with ROCG and having them serve my financial management long into the future.

– David Ingham, Owner – INGHAMhseq

Building Websites

David Ingham - INGHAMhseq - Website Build

We are extremely grateful for your support this year, wishing you and your family an enjoyable break and we look forward to working with you again in 2018!

– Jen Pearce, Director – Red Earth Health Solutions


Jen Pearce - Director - Red Earth Health Solutions

Managing our finances has just become interesting – thanks to MYOB trainer Beau Raymond at ROCG. We run two small businesses and have never enjoyed the financial management side.

We recently adopted the online MYOB AccountRight and now all our transactions are automatic. No more accounting headaches.

It’s given us more time to focus on growing our businesses and the assurance that our financial systems and ATO obligations are being met seamlessly.

I am so glad we took ROCG advice and moved to MYOB.

– Lesley Arnold, Owner – Geospatial Frameworks

Transition to MYOB

I used every excuse in the book to delay MYOB training. When I finally committed to the training,I was pleasantly surprised how user-friendly it was!

My trainer, Beau, was just wonderful and I would thoroughly recommend ROCG’s services!

– Julie McWhirter, Owner – Midrise Pty Ltd

MYOB Training

Stewart’s participation at our Board Meetings and his input has been invaluable.  It has enabled us to review our cost and organizational structure. We also have migrated our accounting package successfully with assistance from Mathieu Paul, Director of the Management Consulting division, and Beau Raymond, who has provided training on the new system. I really appreciated being able to find all the skills we needed in one company and consider ROCG not only as my Accountant but as a Business Partner offering me a lot of added value.

– Matthew Moncrieff, Managing Director – Moncrieff Technology Solutions

Added Value

Matthew Moncrieff - Moncrieff Technology Solutions

Mathieu’s role as Consultant is now firmly embedded in our business model. His interpersonal and communication skills are excellent. Mathieu  is sensitive to where we are as a company and what we need to do to move forward and his advice and guidance is invaluable. We look forward to a long association with him.

– Kerry Sidney, Business Owner – Instant Weighing

Invaluable Guidance

Our work with Mathieu aimed to review our systems & processes and the management of our scaffolding stock levels at our different branches.

At a time where we were experiencing high growth level, we really needed to have the right system & processes in place but didn’t have the time to focus on it. Mathieu was able to handle that side of the business and coordinate with our staff in a timely manner with a real problem-solving focus.

– Ashley Smith, Chief Operating Officer – Pilbara Access

Implementation of Systems & Processes

Ashley Smith - Chief Operating Office - Pilbara Access

Stewart is good accountant who not only does a good job at managing our tax detail but takes an active interest in our business and is always available.

– David Egerton-Warburton, Director/Owner – Mastergroup

Flexible and Dedicated

Mathieu has come on board as our Business Consultant. His support to the Board Directors is invaluable. He is very goal orientated which assists us to keep on track.

– Graham Sidney, Director/Owner – Instant Weighing

Supporting the Board

ROCG is definitely a valuable part of Doctor Home Visits performance. Mathieu and Emma are both dedicated to ensuring that they understand our business and work together with our team to implement a new working model, ensuring our long-term sustainability. Working with Mathieu and Emma has been extremely beneficial they are both talented individuals who have shared knowledge and supported our team through times of change

– Trudy Mailey and Tanya Steele – Doctor Home Visits (WADMS)

Team Support