I wish to commend Emma.

As you know she has been working with me to develop a webpage which should go live tomorrow. I have already seen the near-finished article in the development page and I am delighted.

Emma as a great skill set of marketing prowess and good IT skills and a good business head.

Coupled with the above she is hard-working, intelligent and a great communicator – in spite of the fact that English is her second language – and a very bubbly nice person to be around.

She is a great asset to ROCG and long may she be on your team. You have a great bunch of people around you.

I have chosen to say this because I am towards the end of my career and I observe that too seldom do employers/employees get any feedback on not only a job well done but also on the great capability of a staff member.

I look forward to working with ROCG and having them serve my financial management long into the future.

– David Ingham, Owner – INGHAMhseq